Sylvia Nikolova Works

Sylvia Nikolova

Sylvia Nikolava, a native of the enchanting sea-town Varna in Bulgaria, discovered her innate artistic talent from a young age, capturing the vibrant beauty of her coastal surroundings with a paintbrush in hand. While her childhood was filled with creative exploration, it was at the Art Academy that she refined her skills under the mentorship of the esteemed artist Dimitar Manolov. Guided by Dimitar’s expertise, Sylvia delved deeper into the nuances of painting, enhancing her ability to translate the natural wonders of Varna onto canvas.

Nature, particularly the rhythmic cadence of the sea, serves as Sylvia's everlasting muse. Her artistic process involves immersive walks along the shoreline, where the ebb and flow of the waves become a wellspring of inspiration. Sylvia Nikolava's unique style can be characterized as a harmonious blend of impressionism and post-impressionism, capturing the essence of the sea with a nuanced interplay of light and color. Through her evocative works, she invites viewers to share in her reverence for the natural world and embark on a visual journey that mirrors the profound connection she feels with the coastal landscapes of her upbringing.