Tara Dietzel Works

Tara Dietzel

Tara was born and raised in Georgia where she graduated

from The Walker School. During her senior year of high

school, her art was featured in Robertkent Galleries in a

school-wide show. Shortly after discovering the gallery, 

she joined RoberKent Galleries as a summer intern. Now 

she is headed to The Fashion Institute of Technology in 

New York City. While she grew up with a passion for 

painting, she found talent in designing and creating 

dresses. Her love for fashion blossomed from her love 

For painting. Now she enjoys combining her passions 

By painting interesting compositions to showcase her 



In school, Tara experimented with several different 

mediums, but acrylic paint remains her go-to choice. 

Although she frequently uses acrylic paint to create her 

stylistic paintings, she is eager to try oil paints. She hopes to

continue painting, despite the lack of space in her 14 x 8

foot apartment in New York City. In the future, she aims to 

have her fashion projects on display alongside her artwork.