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Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore

Born and raised in southern Florida, Debbie began her artistic journey with her
first award winning “Floppy Flower” in the first grade. She knew immediately
that her soul was touched by the smells and texture of paint and all that it could
create. She often will leave a flower in her works as a nod to her early love of art
and as a reminder to stay true to herself.
Boating with her father through the canals put her in touch with the vibrancy of
color in the sky, water, the green marshes, and all living creatures which began
to stir her curiosity and imagination. She would spend countless hours with her
favorite childhood toy, “The Super Elastic Bubble Plastic Maker”, blowing liquid
plastic through a straw to make beautiful creations of color and shape. Debbie
paints a range of subject matter, ranging from abstract figures of motherhood
and society to landscapes and coastal scenes.
After moving to Georgia, receiving her degree in Physical Therapy and a long
and successful career, she made the decision to pursue her lifelong dream of
being a full-time artist. She is mostly self-taught but took two years off to
immerse herself with mentorships and instruction from local and international,
award-winning artists. She works daily in her Atlanta studio where she paints
with oil, acrylic, mixed media and collage. “It is the process, the dance between
the art itself and my tools, my imagination and curiosity that keep me hooked...
as if I am back in time blowing different creations with my childhood toy.” “I
want my art to have emotional depth, to leave a mark that only an artist can
leave, to allow the viewer to see me and know me.”
Debbie has exhibited in juried shows such as American Impressionist Society to
M.A.D.S. International show in Milano. Her work was chosen form over 3,000
entries, along with only 200 others, to participate in the international ACA
competition in 2021. Her work has been sold throughout the US with many
private commissions done as well.

She is represented by:

RobertKent Galleries, Marietta, Ga.
ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gallery V Fine Arts, Overland Park, Kansas
Sunshine Art, Watkinsville, Ga.