Debbie Moore Works

Debbie Moore

Debbie Moore’s paintings pull the viewer in with the strong history she leaves
on the canvas. Each layer and mark is a choice based on her curiosity and her
interaction with the piece. Her abstract paintings leave much for the viewer to
explore and contemplate with an endless array of expression and joyful energy.
Her artwork is influenced by emotion from past experiences..exploring the
bark on a tree, the shadows that dance in a forest, or a feeling of love or
sadness, which is channeled through the heart and then transferred to the

“Art is like magic... making something from nothing and evoking emotion in others.”-DM

Her work is extremely diverse and ranges from abstraction to impressionism.
She is constantly experimenting with various approaches and tools. Her unique
style has captured the art scene with representation in galleries across the
country. She has been juried into many shows from AIS to M.A.D.S.
International Show in Milan and can be found in corporations as well as many private collections.

Debbie’s love affair with color is evident throughout her work. She hopes to leave the world a little more beautiful than she found it.