Nancy Parks Works

Nancy Parks

Nancy is an Atlanta artist whose love for beeswax has led her to her current creative path and passion. On Nancy’s travels to Greece, she was introduced to Encaustic, an ancient Greek medium (3,500 years old) that is now undergoing a rediscovery by contemporary artists. In the encaustic process, pigmented beeswax is applied and then fused to a surface with heat. Nancy creatively incorporates other mediums and textures into some of her encaustic works. She also continues to paint with oils and acrylics.​

Nancy grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania. Her love of art and her artistic talents were evident early in life; exhibiting her work at the United Nations in New York City in grade school and having a successful one-woman show in her senior year of high school. She graduated from Edinboro University with degrees in Art Education and Art Therapy, and later attended Wharton School of Business. Nancy’s varied interests led her to a successful executive career with a number of Fortune 500 companies. While traveling globally, she continued to gather ideas and photographs that would be incorporated into her art work​

Nancy has presented works at juried shows around Atlanta and the Southeast. Her paintings hang in private homes in Atlanta, North Georgia, Florida, Texas and the Carolinas.  Her work continues to be commissioned by residential and business clients throughout the Southeast. Nancy is a member of the Atlanta Artist Center where she has served on the Board and she is a member of the International Encaustic Artists organization.​

Artist's Statement

As an encaustic and mixed media artist, I am keenly attuned to the bond between art and nature. Direct observations during walks in my gardens, hiking, and distant places I have visited continue to inspire me and influence much of my work. Painting primarily with hot beeswax and oils has become a vital part of my life as an expressive outlet:; each piece capturing my interpretation of a single moment in time.​

There is something exciting about working with a medium invented over 3,500 years ago, and being able to witness how my representational or abstract painting takes shape through the creative dance of layering, reheating, and often manipulating the wax with mixed media. Wielding a blowtorch and letting my creative intuition lead the way, I melt, scrape, and fuse the layers of wax until the piece reveals itself and comes to life.