Juanita Bellavance Works

Juanita Bellavance

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Juanita Bellavance spent her formative years immersing herself in craft, sewing and music. She attended Georgia State University and received a BA degree in Music Education. The art department at GSU was on the same floor as the music department and was a constant temptation luring her away from music. She chose to stick with music at that time.

For ten years while teaching music, Juanita incorporated her love of art through very complex backdrops for her elementary chorus musicals. She also availed art as a tool for helping students understand music concepts. Art gave her an opportunity to use visual imagery to provide helpful analogies to her students.

While teaching art to children, Juanita began to study art as a subject and to learn fine art techniques and skills. She has now completely transitioned from music, other than for pleasure of course, to doing only fine art.

As an emerging artist, Juanita has presented works at several juried shows around Atlanta and most recently at Roswell Fine Arts Alliance and Cherokee Arts. She has won several awards and continues to develop her artistic voice through acrylic abstract expressionism and collage works.