Angela Marie Works

Angela Marie

Angela was born and raised in Raleigh, NC, attended Appalachian State University, and later moved to Atlanta, GA to further pursue her career in acting and art.  Since a young age she has been interested in all forms of arts and entertainment.  Angela attended countless art and acting classes through out her younger years and also helped her mother with her art gallery and interior design businesses.  Currently, along with working as an actress, interior design assistant and social media manager, Angela is exhibiting her artwork at galleries and working with interior designers on custom pieces. She discovered resin as an art medium several years ago, and has been hooked ever since.  Resin is a two-part liquid that when mixed together begins to harden after only 30 minutes.  Angela mixes it with other elements such as ink, paint, glitter, rocks, glass, fabric and more!  Resin creates a beautiful solid gloss finish on anything, and is what has made Angela’s artwork such a success!  Along with resin, Angela works mostly with Acrylics and inks to create colorful abstract works.  Angela enjoys creating custom artwork for clients who have specific ideas and colors in mind, so that it works perfectly in their space!