Hans Works

Artist's Statement: I was born in Santiago de Chile in 1977 to a family of 4 brothers. Due to the work of my parents, we grew up in the Manuel
Foster Astronomical Observatory of the Catholic University of Chile- a wonderful place located in a national park full of vegetation and
nature in the middle of the city. Since I was little, I was immersed in science, the stars and the environment. I love the arts, the universe and nature. In my adolescence, after leaving school, I enjoyed walking in museums and spent hours contemplating the paintings and sculptures of different artists. There I discovered the beauty of art and the immensity of existing in the world.
I began my formal training at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chile. In the year 2000, I carried out drawing, sculpture, oil and acrylic workshops for three years. In 2004, I continued with courses on human figures and shadows at the Extension Center of the Catholic University.
From the beginning, my works were inspired by the Chilean visual artist Mario Torán, who made the mural “Visual Memory of a Nation”,
located in the Universidad de Chile station of the Santiago Metro. His great work helped me know what an artist can become and how he
can contribute to society.

My childhood experiences are very influential and important to me. I create works that are embodied in my memory and the environment where I have lived in the Manuel Foster Observatory for 43 years. This place was operational as a place of observation until the year 2000 but it is still in force as a Museum of which I am currently in charge.
The sky and its stars are reflected in each painting I do, with its colors, constellations and variations. There are an infinity of stellar
processes that make each image different and motivate me to make creations that reflect the magnificence of the universe and its
celestial bodies. The star plates are a main support to capture every detail that I observe, which are unique and unrepeatable pieces, and
are used in each of my works.
Another source of inspiration for me is the beautiful and memorable landscapes that my country has. Since I have traveled the different
regions of Chile with my wife, I find in each place an explosion of colors as diverse as postcards, with their landscapes, foliage,
grasslands, seas, volcanoes, salt flats, deserts, glaciers, geysers and I hope to continue building my story as an artist through my
experiences in these beautiful places.